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Kodiak High School

The Kodiak High School wind turbine produces about 120 kilowatts per month. This Skystream wind turbine includes data acquisition software to that live data can be monitored and recorded remotely. Kodiak's - A World Bridge students have connected to the wind turbine's data stream via radio transmitter, then relay this data through a CPU in the World Bridge lab that parses the output to send finalized data to a host server. The data visualization includes system-wide energy generation and usage, and commercial/ industrial/ residential revenues.

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Kodiak Electric Association

The Kodiak Electric Association planned and implemented a 100% Renewable Energy system for the Kodiak Island Borough, and provided A World Bridge students with significant energy data, along with Operations & Maintenance information to share with the global community. This open sharing allows city and community administrators to understand the status of their assets, including strengths and weaknesses. The data visualization includes system-wide energy generation and usage, and commercial/industrial/residential revenues.

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Fei Tian Academy of Arts

The Fei Tian Academy of the Arts is fully engaged in NASA CitySmart-WorldWise model development with Kodiak students. FTAA students are in the process of generating experimental data for the design and development of a Sustainable Campus. Their current data includes energy, renewable energy solutions, water quality testing and purification processes. Additionally, students are building campus energy, water, food (greenhouse) and transportation grids for visualization on WebWorldWind.

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